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Lay your head down child...

I won't let the boogeyman come.

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"Emo = Hardcore fashion whores who either abandoned the hardcore scene and movement instead of making positive changes, or nerds who recently discovered this look and made it their own. Basicly Art fags with tattoos and tight clothes and bad haircuts that like to act real deep and poetic over stolen music. Gimme a break."-Hcor(http://www.hcor.net/postp244045.html)


16 volt, 8th street lab, 99 apples, a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, abby travis, afi, alcohol, alex lifeson, alternative, andy selway, apathy, apoptygma berzerk, bauhaus, bc rich, bella morte, big wig, bill rieflin, bio dome, body piercing, bowling for columbine, buddha heroes, cadillac, carebears, cky, club crannell, cold, columbine, computer graphics, concerts, corcidin, creed, criminal justice, cutting, death, doom, drinking, driving, drums, dxm, dylan klebold, edgar allen poe, eric harris, fear factory, front 242, front line assembly, funker vogt, geddy lee, germans, germany, goth, guitars, heavenly creatures, high, him, honda, ibanez, icon of coil, industrial, intoxication, irving plaza, jack off jill, joolz hodgson, kibbz, kidney thieves, kmfdm, london after midnight, lucia cifarelli, makeoutmusic, manson, mapex, marilyn manson, marshall, matt dillion, mdfmk, mesa, metal, metropolis, mindless self indulgence, motion lotion, music, my ruin, natural born killers, neil peart, new york city, nin, oll, opeth, orange county choppers, otep, our lady of lourdes, pantera, pearl, photography, piercings, pig, pills, poetry, prodigy, pulp fiction, pyschology, quake, racism, rammstein, raymond watts, reb, ringu, rock, sascha konietzko, school violence, search and destroy, self destruction, self mutilation, shrooms, six feet under, skinny puppy, slayer, slipknot, snowboarding, softball, soul 4 sale, soulfly, spirited away, st marks place, stars and stripes, static x, steve white, stoned, swithcblade symphony, synth, system of a down, tattoos, techno, the chance, the crow, the cure, the loft, theatre of tragedy, therapy, thrill kill kult, tim skold, underworld, vampire hunter d, velvet acid christ, vnv nation, vodka, weed, west coast choppers, writing, wumpscut